Feb 14, 2017

A Talk on Memristor !

Everything you want to know about Memristor, but afraid to ask !

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 A Talk on Memristor by Prof. Leon Ong Chua .

University of Delhi on  5th Feb 2016 ,  witnessed the gracious presence ofProf .  Leon Ong Chua , University of California , Berkley and Prof. Rene Lozi , University of Nice ,Sophia Ant polis . 

The day started with an inaugural address and  a warm welcome by Dr.M.K.Das by presenting the honorable guests with  token of respect .

Prof Leon O Chua , the inventor and namesake of  chua circuit . And the one who postulated the theories behind MEMRISTOR 37 years earlier , was their himself to deliver the talk on “ EVERYTHING YOU WISH TO KNOW ABOUT THE MEMRISTOR BUT ARE AFRAID TO ASK ”.  7 US Patents ,  8 honorary Doctorates , 500 published journals , IEEE awards  winner but yet  he is a  fountain of knowledge and humility .  

Live Streaming at the DU’s website was done as  Prof Chua  came into limelight .  We were deeply honoured attending his 2 hours lecture on Memristor .

The day ended  with high tea and high spirits .

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Oct 22, 2016
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IIC's Annual Technical Fest.A grand Tech fest in which participants of technical institutions from all over India are invited. Envisage is a two ­days National level Technical Fest organised annually by Institute of Informatics andCommunication, University of Delhi South Campus.  

Aug 11, 2016
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Admission to IIC finishes with the final cut-off list out.
IIC Welcomes the batch of 2016-2018.