Apr 6, 2017

Envisage' 17

A grand Tech-Fest in which participants of institutions from all over India are invited.

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Envisage is a two days National level Technical / Technological Fest organised annually by Institute of Informatics & Communication, University of Delhi, South Campus (IIC, UDSC). The principle aim of this fest is to facilitate the growth and exchange of knowledge and imagination among the participants of diverse educational backgrounds hailing from all over India.The event entails competitions in both technical and non­-technical fields.

Envisage is the Annual Technical Symposium of IIC, UDSC and is one of kind Technical Fest in India. Started, as an effort to bring out the best in technologies throughout India by the student body of IIC, Envisage has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Held over a two days period attracting interested and like minded people consistently over years.

In this edition, Envisage brought organisation such as AMD, CDF and EP  along with a pool of like minded but distinctive students together with a view to innovate and elevate the technological scenario prevailing in ever enthusiastic India.

Envisage's USP lies in its out of the league events which consist of not only technical but also entrepreneurship as well as technology influenced gaming. Along with it variety of workshops are also scheduled ranging from industry needs to social awareness for budding tech graduates.

This year, the theme was set to be “IoT: Designing Lives” which speaks on how Internet of things have changed lives of millions and is set to raise that bar to billions. All the events of the fest were woven around the central theme be it “Wanna be an Entrepreneur “ which provides a platform to young entrepreneur who are set to influence not only the tech world with their innovations but the market with their dream-like products. Other events like XQuizIT and Project Effect kept the participants involved and there mind running. Where XQuizIT tested participants about how well they know the day to day technologies they use as well as IoT on the contrary Project Effect provided a platform to the inventor instincts of the participants as they are required to provide a piece of hardware(Raspberry pi or Arduino) along with the functionality required to be written and burned within the stipulated time. Other events included AlgoQuest an algorithm creation event which focus on problem solving skill, weave an App and Script maestro test the participants on their development skills. Another focus event was “Over Night open challenge” which is a one of a kind open challenge which focuses only on an innovative result to the problem regardless of the technology and platform used, Another key feature of the challenge was that there were no restrictions other than the constraint that the idea need to be original.

Apart from the above mentioned events there were other fun filled events like LanStorm :an LAN based Gaming Competition , Ostentatio: An Photography competition in which the individual have to cover the event and White Collar: a paper presentation event where participants showcased their ideas.

It would be easy to conclude that technology was in the air during the fun-filled events with everyone participating be it the contestants, coordinators or volunteers were full of enthusiasm.

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Oct 22, 2016
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IIC's Annual Technical Fest.A grand Tech fest in which participants of technical institutions from all over India are invited. Envisage is a two ­days National level Technical Fest organised annually by Institute of Informatics andCommunication, University of Delhi South Campus.  

Aug 11, 2016
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Admission to IIC finishes with the final cut-off list out.
IIC Welcomes the batch of 2016-2018.