A grand Tech fest in which participants of technical institutions from all over India are invited.

IIC Technical Activities' mission is to foster the development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge that benefits members, the profession, and humanity.

  • Envisage is a two-day National level Technical Fest organised annually by Institute of Informatics and Communication, University of Delhi South Campus.
  • The principle aim of the fest is to facilitate the growth and exchange of knowledge and imagination among the participants of diverse educational backgrounds hailing nation wide. 
  • The event entailed a plethora of competitions in both technical and non-technical fields.


  • Algo Quest Winners / Runner ups

  • Prize Distribution Ceremony

  • Overnight Challenge

  • White Collar

  • Prize Distribution

  • Remonstrance Problems

  • After Event Picture (XquizIT)

  • Innovation in Envisage

  • XquizIT the Quiz Challenge

  • Young Minds Brain Storming

Celebrating the amazing 10th year of “Envisage”, this year our theme is 'Visualizing Innovations' wherein, the main focus is to come up with some new ideas and motivate the young minds to Envisage on the ideas with the help of latest technologies.

Spread over two days of unending technical exposure, Envisage 2017 will host a plethora of events, exhibitions for the palate of every technically inclined person. For the technically naive we have a fun rail waiting to churn the coal and spread out surprises.


Official Website: Envisage' 17

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Email us : envisage@iic.ac.in