IIC conducts research in area of Informatics and Communication, Complex Network, Internet of Things (IoT), Non Linera Stellar Pulsation, Non Linear Dynamics etc.
The goal of Research Methogdology is to learn how research is being done and to put that knowledge into practice. The students would learn how to apply a great number of statistical techniques, draw conclusions from those and determine what statistical techniquewouls be suitable for a given dataset and/or research question. Here the emphasis lies on interpreting results and communicating those to the world at large.In other words learn how to take a step back and think about what you can conclude from a certain experiment or computational/modelling/simulation test.

This course is meant as preparation for Ph.D. curse work. The course builds on knowledge and skills one have acquired during Basic Scientific Skills. Lectures in this course are meant to be a complement to the knowledge you can obtain during the PG courses. The students will practice skills by making use of datasets from the research of so,me of faculty.

Learning Objectives:

  • Defending the use of Research Methodology
  • Judging the reliability and validity experiments
  • Being able to p[erform exploratory data analysis
  • Drawing conclusion from the test results
  • Being able to compare different models
  • These objectives will be achieved by means of lectures, discussions in the lectures, asignments and blogs.


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